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Your Comfort Zone, Your Dream Killer

We all experience that moment where we become relaxed in our comfort zone, in what we think, say, and do. However, do we ever stop to think of how this may be affecting our potential?

Award winning actress, Regina King, is here to tell you how your comfort zone may be stopping you from reaching your dreams.

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Regina King: ‘Comfort Zones Are Where Dreams Go To Die’ by Taylor Honore

Have you hit hurdles that you can’t seem to cross? Let us know below!

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  • Hello my name is Cristy Clark, I was born and raised in Miami, Florida, and this is so true about our comfort zones! We get too complacent until we actually do not fulfill our dreams and goals. I’ve been procrastinating myself cause I know God my Creator, has a calling on my life. I had such a tragic accident back in August 17, 2001, I was 25 yrs old. I was coming back, from the grocery store and I was heading back home on the highway. Once I got on the highway, my car suddenly got out of control and went from the far right lane all the way sideways to that left lane by the wall of the highway. I hit that wall on the highway at a high rate of speed. My car flipped over several times, and half of my body was hanging out of the car, my head and face was laying on the pavement. A car could have easily came and crushed my skull, but my God the Creator saved me for a purpose I know and that purpose is to tell the world about him and how he saved me from such an horrific accident. There is a GOD PEOPLE DON’T LET NO ONE TELL U DIFFERENT! After God saved me I couldn’t walk for 3 months, cause my right femur bone in my right leg was broke in half, I was in a wheelchair. My two arms was broken I couldn’t use my arms for three months, it’s like I was physically reborn again. My right eye got damaged in the accident cause 2 months prior before the accident, I had 2 have a corneal transplant in my right eye cause when I was a baby, I was born with my right eye slightly closed. When I had the accident, my right eye went back to how I was born. So I have to explain my story like this to have people to understand where GOD HAS BROUGHT ME! FROM, NOW I CAN WALK AND I CAN USE MY ARMS AGAIN!!! PRAISE THE LORD!!! SO I HAVE TO STEP OUT OF MY COMFORT ZONE AND START EVANGELIZING TO THE WORLD AND FULFILL MY DREAM WHAT MY GOD THE CREATOR SAVED MY LIFE TO DO IS TO WIN SOULS FOR HIM! PLEASE PEOPLE IF UR NOT SERVING THE RIGHT GOD, PLEASE START NOW! GOD OF HEAVEN SAID THERE’S ONE GOD AND THERE’S NO OTHER! HE’S THE ONLY CREATOR OF ALL THINGS AND HE’S THE ONLY ONE THAT CAN GIVE BREATH AND TAKE BREATH!!! PRAISE HIM ALL YOU
    PEOPLES!!! AMEN!!!

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