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SAG-AFTRA, The Right Time To Join

Looking to join SAG-AFTRA? Check out the link below to learn more about the organization: Is There a ‘Right Time’…


Coronavirus Outbreak Negatively Impacts Film Industry

Globally, coronavirus is spreading and it is impacting a variety of industries including Film. To date, it has been recorded…

Audition Nerves

Audition Nerves, 6 Tips To Help You With Them

Auditions can be nerve wracking! This article will help you to get over your audition nerves and, hopefully, land your…

Golden Globes 2020

Golden Globes 2020 Have Come and Gone!

Golden Globes 2020 was a fight between Hollywood, HBO, Netflix, and others, but the results came as a shocker to…

Auditioning for Film

Auditioning for Films? Here’s What You Need To Know

As we approach the new year, we must prepare for what’s to come – so long 2019…hello, new opportunities! A…

Daniel Kaluuya

Daniel Kaluuya speaks on his Role in ‘Queen & Slim’

Daniel Kaluuya is well known for his role in the hit movie, ‘Get Out’. Kaluuya is back with another hit…


Eyes, One of an Actor’s Top Assets

It is said that your body language speaks volumes more than actual words. Such is the case when it comes…


‘Harriet’ Lead Role 1994 Pitch for Julia Roberts

Did you know that Julia Roberts was once pitched to star as Harriet Tubman in the recent ‘Harriet’ film? Despite…

Queen & Slim

‘Queen & Slim’, Reviews are in for Upcoming Film

Set to open in theaters on Friday, November 27th, the film, ‘Queen & Slim’, is highly anticipated. Starring Melina Matsoukas…


Nigerian film, Lionheart, Disqualified from Film Race

Hollywood is in an uproar after the Nigerian film, Lionheart, was recently disqualified from the International Film Race. This came…