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How to Use Scene Pal

How to Use Scene Pal

Everyone is a Beginner at some point, with everything that we do. We understand and appreciate that you may not…

Netflix Assures Viewers

Netflix Assures Viewers of Content Until Later This Year

Despite everything that’s happening globally, Netflix assures its viewers that the Production Shutdown due to Coronavirus won’t disrupt output. Not…

Self-taped Auditions

Self-Taped Audition Dos and Don’ts

There’s an array of tip and tricks when it comes to your self-taped auditions, and there are some dos and…

Cancellations due to COVID-19

Cancellations Due to Coronavirus / COVID-19

There have been cancellations globally due to the Coronavirus / COVID-19 Pandemic, as everything has been affected: Film and TV…

SXSW Cancelled

SXSW Cancelled Due to Coronavirus

SWSW 2020 Cancelled due to Coronavirus! The highly anticipated event is the first of many, we expect, to be cancelled….


SAG-AFTRA, The Right Time To Join

Looking to join SAG-AFTRA? Check out the link below to learn more about the organization: Is There a ‘Right Time’…

Commercial Reel

Commercial Reel, How To Create One

Looking to get into the commercial industry? Get tips on how to create an effective commercial reel. Check out this…

Morning Before

Morning Before An Audition, Preparation

Every actor has different methods and routines that works best for their ‘morning before’ an audition. Get tips from actor…


Coronavirus Outbreak Negatively Impacts Film Industry

Globally, coronavirus is spreading and it is impacting a variety of industries including Film. To date, it has been recorded…

James Lipton

James Lipton, Writer, Host and Creator, Dies at 93

James Lipton, Host and Creator of ‘Inside the Actors Studio’ dies at the ripe age of 93. Lipton has organized…

Audition Nerves

Audition Nerves, 6 Tips To Help You With Them

Auditions can be nerve wracking! This article will help you to get over your audition nerves and, hopefully, land your…