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Daniel Kaluuya speaks on his Role in ‘Queen & Slim’

Daniel Kaluuya is well known for his role in the hit movie, ‘Get Out’. Kaluuya is back with another hit role in the recently release ‘Queen & Slim’ film.

In this article, Kaluuya speaks on what intrigued him to be a part of this film:

Hollywood Studios Don’t Make Movies Like ‘Queen & Slim,’ That’s Why Daniel Kaluuya Had to Do It by Kate Erbland

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  • Definitely without a doubt one of my favorite psychological horror/thriller/mysteries I love the twist interns and love the performance when he sinks into that chair is incredible work of art and it was an absolutely great cast one of my favorite movies that I on I love all kinds of movies comedy get out really got me into the psychological aspect of horror sing this movie especially if you’re aspiring actor will number one make you want to act more and always strive I’m becoming a better actor reacting to other people was what I noticed in this morning and the others he’s been out acting is stressful profession but if you love performing acting entertaining I’m also a professional musician professional drummer and singer and music writer songwriter music composition that’s what I got a scholarship for music and arts and I currently go in for Sail University to learn more about behind the scenes and screenplay writing and I have so many excellent excellent movie ideas that I would love to pitch I’m 42 years old I’ve been in this industry I have my family are actors musicians famous to 801 my cousin my closest cousin played on the CW show for 10 years and my grandfather was a professional musician played on Carnegie Hall and I mean professionally played every instrument except the drums professionally that came to me my mother was she passed away early but she was a model and she was a great musician too much talent to go to waste and I do this in my moms memory and should be proud of me

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