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Self-taped Auditions

Self-Taped Audition Dos and Don’ts

There’s an array of tip and tricks when it comes to your self-taped auditions, and there are some dos and…

Commercial Reel

Commercial Reel, How To Create One

Looking to get into the commercial industry? Get tips on how to create an effective commercial reel. Check out this…

Morning Before

Morning Before An Audition, Preparation

Every actor has different methods and routines that works best for their ‘morning before’ an audition. Get tips from actor…

Finding work

Finding Work On Your Own As An Actor

The popular saying goes “the early bird catches the worm”. As an actor, it is important that you stay ahead…

Auditioning for Film

Auditioning for Films? Here’s What You Need To Know

As we approach the new year, we must prepare for what’s to come – so long 2019…hello, new opportunities! A…


Résumé, 5 Things NOT To Include On Yours

In the world of business, your résumé is a vital tool for getting your foot in the door. For actors,…


Eyes, One of an Actor’s Top Assets

It is said that your body language speaks volumes more than actual words. Such is the case when it comes…

Casting Directors

Casting Directors, What Are They Writing During Auditions?

Have you ever wondered what’s being written on your resume during auditions by casting directors? Read the full article here…

Agent Deals

Agent Deals, When You Should Pass and Why

Your agent can really elevate your casting potential within the Acting community. However, there are some agent deals which you…

stage and screen acting

Stage and Screen Acting – The Differences

Interested in acting on film or in theatre? There are three main differences between stage and screen acting that you…